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7 Beautiful Bookshelves—But Make Them Sustainable!

Your Own Book Nook

It’s no shocker we’re big bookworms at The Great Trade-we’ve covered the most popular book club subscriptions, ways for more info, as well as building your own home library. And also, since we can’t add yet another book to the TBR piles (seriously, it’ll fall over), we’ve made the decision it’s time for you to have some book shelves for the homes.

Like the majority of furniture, bookcases could be a major investment-especially when looking for lengthy-lasting sustainable wood shelves (FSC-certified over particleboard, please). That is why many of the below brands have payment options. Obviously, which are more affordable (and eco-friendly) option, secondhand is what you want!

Finish up grabbing a bookshelf? Tag us (@thegoodtrade) having a photo-we’re always sourcing more inspo for the home libraries! Happy studying and decorating, fellow book enthusiasts.

1. Floyd Home

  • Sustainable Materials FSC-certified wood, recyclable steel
  • Our Pick The Shelving System – Short Shelving in Black & Walnut ($860)
  • Cost Range $425-$1,935

Floyd Home’s mission would be to design timeless products to keep furniture from landfills, and also the brand has been doing it once more using its custom Shelving System. Using FSC-certified wood supports and sturdy steel shelves, this bookshelf system will grow along with you however you need to expand it. Select from short, tall, combo, and niche shelving options and the selection of shelf color and wood type. Made to fit your space, the Shelving System helps your house library shine.


2. Medley

  • Sustainable Materials FSC-certified wood, eco-wax
  • Our Pick Anders Shelf with Brass Leg Caps ($2,149)
  • Cost Range $1,495-$2,149

Medley creates sustainable quality furniture made only for you, right in the middle of California. From sofas to mattresses to-yes, shelving-virtually every item is created-to-order! The Anders Shelf particularly includes three different wood options, all responsibly sourced and handle by having an all-natural wax. We like Medley because of its thoughtful details (like individuals brass leg caps-swoon!), lifetime warranty, and promise to plant three occasions the amount of trees utilized in its products. This is actually the heirloom type of furniture your grandma and grandpa said about.


3. ABC Home

  • Sustainable Materials Sustainably sourced wood, recyclable steel
  • Our Pick Invisi 9-Shelving ($600)
  • Cost Range $600-$4,480

ABC Home continues to be leading the means by sustainable, ethical home items since 2003. Goods are created using eco-friendly and deadstock materials, responsibly manufactured, and handcrafted by artisans from around the world. For beautiful book shelves that highlight both form and performance, you cannot fail with any one of ABC Home’s sustainably sourced options we especially love the Invisi 9-Shelving because of its innovative design and shelving options.


4. Joybird

  • Sustainable Materials Sustainably sourced wood
  • Our Pick King Brass Shelf ($164)
  • Cost Range $164-$1,613

Whether you’re decorating a multi-bed room home or perhaps a single studio space, Joybird has the thing you need. The company works together with gifted artisans in Mexico to show its sustainable materials into stunning bookcases and cabinets. Our favorites would be the modern wall shelves, ideal for accent decor and smaller sized home libraries. Joybird partners with conservation and reforestation efforts via One Tree Grown to help promote sustainability.


5. West Elm

  • Sustainable Materials FSC-certified wood, water-based finish
  • Our Pick Mid-Century Bookshelf with Drawer ($699)
  • Cost Range $249-$1,399

West Elm makes sustainable mid-century style readily available. This socially responsible company sources FSC-certified wood, partners with Fair Trade certified factories whenever you can, and collaborates with nonprofits such as the Human Legal rights Campaign. We especially love these book shelves for bigger spaces-buy two to balance an area or place side-by-side for any wall-to-wall library! Like a bonus, many include storage so that you can showcase the books you really liked and conceal those you didn’t. ??


6. Etsy

  • Sustainable Materials Varies includes responsibly sourced & reclaimed wood
  • Our Pick Reclaimed Plywood Bookshelf from OwlDesigned ($120)
  • Cost Range $10-$10,000

The good thing about Etsy is you can find a large number of pre-made and custom options in one location, including $10 rustic small-shelves, recycled book shelves from OwlDesigned, and sprawling “trees” from SouthDesignCo. (Custom designs also mean they create great gifts!) This certified B Corp offsets all carbon from orders-including global ones-so regardless of what, you buy the car is a carbon-neutral one.


7. Chairish

  • Sustainable Materials Varies includes responsibly sourced & reclaimed wood
  • Our Pick Vintage Rattan Three-Tier Enclosed Bookshelf ($563)
  • Cost Range $175-$20,000

Chairish is our go-to for vintage furniture we won’t find elsewhere. Here you’ll find a large number of sellers listing reclaimed, one-of-a-kind, and niche furniture, from mid-century modern pieces using reclaimed wood to old-school rattan. Although some of Chairish’s curated goods require local pick-up, many offer free or discounted shipping-to get the sustainable book shelves you’ve always dreamt of sent to you. Inquire using the seller, negotiate an offer, or make a deal!