How To Choose the Best TENS Unit for Home Use

TENS machines come in an array of shapes, sizes, featuring. As the initial buyer, the lengthy listing of choices can frustrate, overwhelm and confuse all of you simultaneously.

Since TENS units for use at home promise discomfort relief with no nasty negative effects you will get from discomfort medications, you’d wish to make certain buying one that’s effective and simple to use.

In selecting the very best TENS unit for use at home, listed here are the five most significant factors you have to consider.


Various kinds of discomfort react to different electronic pulses or modes. With this, you have to make certain that the unit could be occur various modes. With many high-quality TENS unit, that will not be an issue. However, in certain low-finish models, your choices might be limited because they generally use a couple of models.

Selecting a TENS unit with multiple options could make the knowledge more fun. It’s what’s going to result in the unit more efficient in supplying discomfort relief.

Battery Existence

You will find units that may work nicely on the 9-volt battery or 3 AAA batteries. When they seem like a handy and viable option, they are able to boost the annual price of utilizing a TENS unit every day.

A higher-quality device that actually works on the lithium battery is really a better option. It will take you days or perhaps a full month of utilizing the system before you have to recharge it.

Furthermore, a TENS unit focusing on a lithium battery can help you save in the hassle and stress of constantly altering dead batteries.


You’ll need one which feels intense but won’t hurt. Now, this really is tricky since people don’t have a similar discomfort tolerance.

With many inexpensive TENS machines, their greatest level can always ‘t be enough to supply their guaranteed benefits. So, what customers eventually do is upgrade their units to something better. This is just a total waste of money.

To prevent that mistake, obtain a TENS unit with an array of power. This way, you can set your unit for your preferred intensity.

Quantity of Electronic Pads

The greater electronic pads you’ve, the broader area of the body you can cover. For those who have multiple regions of discomfort or you’re struggling with multiple injuries, try to obtain a unit with multi-funnel outputs.


You do not always need to spend a great deal on the TENS unit for use at home. However, you must know that the unit’s cost will modify the features you’ll get. As pointed out, low-priced models may are unsuccessful with regards to modes, battery existence as well as electricity.

Now, this doesn’t imply that you will not have the ability to have a TENS machine in your own home simply because you’re with limited funds. The secret here’s to understand exactly the thing you need. Don’t spend lots of money on the unit with features you do not really need or want.

Simplicity of use

For somebody who’s a new comer to utilizing a TENS machine in your own home, the thought of operating it by yourself could be nerve-wracking. With this, look for a unit that’s simple to use. Opt for obtaining a unit having a user-friendly interface and buttons with obvious and simple-to-read labels.

You will find machines which are suitable for smartphones. A number of them even include their very own dedicated apps and installing them in your phone can make it easy for you to definitely take control of your session with only your handset.

You will find units that permit users to pre-set programs, which makes them simple to use. Others feature choices to personalize intensity and frequency to provide you with maximum control.

Existence from the TENS pads

Quality electrode pads should continue for several weeks despite daily use. Inexpensive replacements pads, however, put on out easily and rapidly meaning that you may have to buy brand new ones more often. This could skyrocket the price of utilizing a TENS unit with time.

Additionally to asking concerning the existence from the TENS pads, it’s also wise to inquire about their cost. Individuals pads, generally, don’t come cheap however they do not have to lose holes in the bank. Selecting an costly group of TENS pads which will last lengthy is preferable to buying inexpensive TENS pads that put on out in a couple of days.

Customer Support

Surprisingly, this is among the most significant factors you have to consider when purchasing a TENS unit. Should something fail together with your machine, there must be someone to help you and answer the questions you have in regards to the unit. A trustworthy company can certainly address that.

In addition to the quality of customer support a brandname has, it’s also wise to inquire about its refund policy. If you see that the unit isn’t being employed as it ought to or you’re just generally unhappy by using it, you will be able to return the device without encountering lots of issues.


As you are searching for any unit you should use in your own home, it’s smart to consider its size. A little little TENS unit will allow you to employ the device anywhere in the home. A little size does mean better portability. You can go along with you whenever you travel or work.

Treatment Timer

Most TENS machines have treatment timers being an added feature. A timer enables you to definitely set your preferred here we are at the therapy and instantly turns off the system when that point expires. While it isn’t that necessary, a timer makes your TENS unit easier.


Selecting the very best TENS unit for use at home isn’t easy. You need to be completely informed if you wish to find one that will meet your needs. With this particular list, you will be able to possess a clearer understanding of what you would like out on another want inside a quality TENS machine.

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