Best Kennel Software 2021 Reviews

You switched your passion for creatures right into a business enterprise-a dog boarding kennel, a dog care clinic, or perhaps a dog grooming center. But do daily administrative tasks for example making appointments, keeping everything written down of holiday makers, and tracking food inventory tire you?

Kennel software programs are the best choice to beat these challenges. The program helps manage bookings, track food stock levels, and record and store details associated with pets as well as their proprietors. Additionally, it automates many other tasks for example billing and invoicing, collecting payments, and interesting with clients through regular emails or messages.

We’ve come up with this buyers help guide to provide all the details it’s important to select a kennel software solution actually for the pet business.

What’s kennel software?

Kennel software programs are a dog care management tool that can help pet boarding kennels, pet daycare centers, and dog grooming and schools monitor pet health insurance and activities, manage appointments, track food inventory, accept payments from clients, and much more. The tool also provides marketing, calendar management, and document storage features.

Kennel keeper helps automate administrative tasks, for example tracking pending payments, delivering payment reminders, maintaining dog grooming and vaccination schedules, and informing clients about promotions or business updates.

Common options that come with kennel software

Within this section, we’ve listed features present with kennel keeper.

Appointment scheduling

See the schedule of approaching appointments, get information regarding each appointment, and stop any overlapping bookings.

Online booking portal

Accept online bookings from customers, and accommodate additional service demands for example grooming or vet checkups.


Promote your services online, inform customers about promotions and discounts, and enable these to join your loyalty and referral programs.

Billing and invoicing

Create invoices for that services availed by customers. Add relevant taxes in addition to discounts to those invoices.

Data storage

Keep information on pets, for example records of availed services, food preferences, health conditions, vaccination schedules, and photos, in a centralized location.

Payment processing

Receive payments from customers via internet banking, debit and credit cards, or e-wallet transfers.

Send SMS and push notifications to alert pet proprietors or pet professionals about approaching vaccination dates, meal schedules, or pickup and drop-off time.

Which kind of buyer are you currently?

The kind of kennel software you can purchase exclusively depends upon your needs. Let’s consider the various kinds of buyers on the market.

Individual pet proprietors: Individual pet proprietors make use of the software to handle their pets’ routine-food and workout schedules, vaccination dates, physician visits, and much more. Kennel software like a mobile application would be perfect for the requirements of these buyers. Calendar management, notifications/reminders, and message boards to inquire about general questions are a few other recommended features. These buyers may also locate a free mobile-friendly kennel management solution.

Pet stores: Pet stores use kennel software to keep digital records from the pets within their shop. They capture details for example birthday, lineage, grooming needs, food habits, and buy cost. Additionally they send marketing emails and reminders to clients about new pet arrivals, latest products, and approaching occasions. Marketing, data management and storage, and billing and invoicing are a few key features recommended of these buyers.

Pet daycare and boarding centers: Pet daycare centers and boarding facilities make use of the software to handle bookings maintain records of pets, pet proprietors, as well as their visits and process payments for that services provided. Additionally they track the meals and accessory inventory, client appointments, and then any special client demands. These buyers ought to decide a kennel software solution that provides online booking, payment processing, appointment tracking, reminders, and marketing, among additional features.

Advantages of kennel software

Understanding the advantages of kennel software can help you assess its usability inside your profession. Listed here are the many benefits of kennel keeper:

Additional time-saving: When managing a pet business, you’ll need to take proper care of daily admin tasks, for example managing appointments, delivering invoices, tracking inventory, and interesting with clients. This could give you almost no time to pay attention to pet care. Kennel software can automate many of these daily recurring tasks to release your time and effort, so that you can deal with pets and develop innovative pet care ideas.

High client satisfaction: Kennel software offers many abilities to help keep pets in addition to their proprietors happy. You can preserve customers engaged by discussing regular updates on their own pets, photos of the pets, information regarding the most recent products, and then any marketing offers or discounts. Kennel software also causes it to be simpler for the people to make bookings, queries, and track their pets’ routines online.

Key factors when choosing kennel software

Additionally to features, opt for the below points when thinking about buying a kennel software solution.

Integration: The kennel software you select must integrate well together with your existing software programs, for example email, social networking, point-of-purchase (POS), accounting, marketing, and Office applications. Software integration can help you seamlessly share information between various applications and take away the requirement for manual data input.

Cloud-based versus on-premise software: Kennel software can be bought via SaaS subscriptions or on-premise licenses. Cloud-based tools will often have a regular monthly subscription fee and permit you to manage bookings along with other tasks from the device. However, on-premise tools really are a one-time investment and could be used only around the system they’re placed on. However, these power tools can be simply customized per your requirements, that is hard to achieve with cloud-based solutions. Weigh the pros and cons of both tools, and select the one which best suits the needs of the kennel business.

Budget: Locate a kennel solution that gives the characteristics you’ll need and supports your needed quantity of users without exceeding your financial allowance. Get cost quotes from multiple vendors to obtain the most value for the money. You may also take free trials or try freemium versions before zeroing in on any software.

Mobile application: Kennel software with mobile ease of access will help you to deal with tasks even if you’re on the run. Seek advice from vendors about mobile application availability, for both Android and iOS platforms, the characteristics on the mobile application, and it is limitations.

Here are a few latest trends associated with the kennel software market.

Adoption of pets is driving using kennel software: An growing quantity of pet proprietors are tech-savvy millennials who would like easy online interactions with pet care companies. They’re also very likely to make use of technology tools to trace their pets’ health insurance and development. With millennials and Gen Z adopting more pets, the marketplace for pet care software, including kennel software, keeps growing.

Cloud-based kennel software programs are gaining market traction: Buyers are exhibiting a greater preference for cloud-based kennel tools, because they allow both pet proprietors and also the staff at pet boarding kennels to gain access to the machine concurrently. Cloud-based software will also support access from the device, including cellphones.

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