How can I stop killing my house plants?

How do you stop killing the house plants? I know that a part of my issue is my cat-she likes to munch away, all day long, ugh! Have you got any pet-friendly plants to recommend? Or possibly small plants that stay small to allow them to survive a floating shelf from my furry friend’s achieve?

This is actually the type of question I love! Appreciate having faith in my guidance once we bring your brown (brown? You know us!) thumb and transform it into a lovely, flourishing shade of eco-friendly. I believe getting pets in your home is a terrific way to get creative with in which you put your flora. If you are permitted to hold things in your walls or in the ceiling, it’s very easy enough to get a couple of hooks in a local home improvement store. A totally free mid-day, a fast Search for “how to macrame a dangling planter”-or even better, here’s one we like-and voila! Vertical plant storage means both you and your cat are pleased.

Cat-friendly display options aside, it’s difficult to give assistance with keeping the houseplants alive with no proper assessment of the space. If you would like to text me some pics, we are able to move from there (half-kidding). However I can absolutely recommend cat- and shelf-friendly plants having a bonus: they’re all pretty low maintenance.

Pilea and Peperomia Any variety is excellent, and my top picks range from the Pilea Peperomioides, Peperomia Rana Verde, and Watermelon Peperomia. They’re very easy to look after, too. Water once the top 1-2 ” of soil feel dry they’re vulnerable to rot, so becoming dry a little is ok. Then, make certain they’re getting vibrant light, and they’ll be at liberty as possible.

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Hoya This really is, to the very best of my understanding, the only real cat-safe vine-y plant. Frequently known as the wax plant due to its waxy leaves, Hoyas are notoriously hard to kill. They’ve created beautiful flower clusters and that i love all mine a lot-my top picks to be the variegated Hoya Carnosa and also the Hoya Keysii. Pro-tip: Should you ensure that it stays slightly root-bound, it’ll encourage flowering!

Staghorn Ferns This really is my personal favorite variety! They resemble antlers, and so the name, and appear amazing when wall-mounted. (Here’s some good inspo.) Use vibrant-to-indirect light, never darkness, and just soak the entire board when watering. Other cat-friendly fern varieties which i love are Rabbit’s Feet and Maidenhair ferns, but they’re just honorable mentions.

Tillandsia The options are endless: Develop a terrarium inside a jar, hang them in the ceiling, place these questions bowl, decorate your nightstand-without any soil necessary, they are able to live almost anyplace you would like. Tillandsias typically survive other plants, absorbing moisture in the trees around them. Mist them heavily with water 1-2x per week watching them flower and also be.

Since the plants happen to be selected for you personally, I would recommend going to the local nursery to buy them. I know full well that we like to shop small at TGT. Local nurseries tend to be more knowledgable than major stores, and also the vegetation is always higher quality. I’ve also discovered that they’re a lot more taking my variety of questions (a.k.a. they understand how to respond to them).

For major houseplant envy, follow these Instagram accounts: @urlocalplantboy, @hiltoncarter, @arianatanabe, @angelsbotanicalgarden, @danaerolynhorst, and @houseplantjournal. They’re actually are informative, you’ll seem like a plant expert very quickly ??.

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