8 Best Android OCR Apps To Scan Image To Text

Would you like to digitize all printed text so that you can have a soft copy from it, because there are a large amount of benefits of going text from image? If that’s the case, whatever you should get is an optical character recognition (OCR) tool.

What’s OCR technology?

Optical character recognition (OCR) application converts handwriting, or perhaps pictures, into text. These OCR apps can also be known being an image to text ripper tools. OCR apps evaluate personal files and differentiate it by noting features typical to figures or by fonts kept in their databases. Some OCR applications also place it via a spelling checker to “guess” unknown words. 100% precision is difficult to attain, however a close estimation is exactly what most applications shoot for.

These image to text converters could be productivity shortcuts for researchers, workers in offices, and students. So let’s have fun with it to get the best OCR application for your requirements.

Cam Scanner Application

Cam Scanner is the greatest online OCR software, that you can use for multiple tasks for example text on photo, checking documents, and converting pictures into PDF. It is among the apparent choices particularly when set alongside along with other available solutions.

Google Keep

This application from Google enables you to retain all records beneath your Gmail account. With this particular OCR application, you are able to complete tasks and hang reminders. Additionally for this, you can include search notes and sketches, and photos by instantly produced topics.

After you have this note, you are able to sync it for your laptop, phone, watch, and tablet through the Google Keep site or Chrome application. With Google Keep, you are able to carry the photo together with your Camera and choose the choice “Grab image text” in the application photo menu on the internet Stick to text.


This Android image to text ripper tools from Microsoft comes built-in on Microsoft devices. This OCR application enables you to definitely save the OCR file to some cloud account. The feature of the cloud storage enables you to definitely access all of your Microsoft devices each time in the cloud.

PDF Scanner

PDF Scanner is among the eye-catching OCR applications for Android. This OCR application supports 50 plus languages from various areas of the planet and works fluently wonderful these languages. This OCR application may also convert a pdf into a picture file.

Text Fairy

The good thing of utilizing this application is it can identify a variety of 50 languages. The applying is free of charge and ad-free too. It offers a superior a choice of transferring the extracted data right into a text or perhaps a pdf.

Google Lens

This OCR application is provided by Google itself, that takes the traditional techniques of OCR to a new level. This Android application can provide the facts a good object simply by observing it with the phone camera and may also convert text in the image that reads into another language rapidly.

Office Lens

This picture to text ripper tools always makes certain that this can be a certified application that actually works just ideally. Additionally to OCR, this application provides a built-in feature, referred to as White board, which enables you to definitely crop, in addition to cleanup shadows and glares. Even though it faces critical comments on its name within the reviews, overall this application has gotten a thumbs-up from nearly all its users.

Text Scanner

Text Scanner (OCR) application states support 50 plus languages with Chinese, Japanese, French, and much more. It supports removing text from images and handwritten text. The applying interface features necessary checking functionalities just like a brightness slider and magnification to capture text within the most transparent possible way.

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