I’m 5 feet tall—will I ever be taken seriously?

Hey! I have arrived at that time where I’m no more growing, I’m 5’0 and pretty insecure about this. I do not like getting to appear excessive up when speaking to other people, it can make me feel like they’re my superior. After I put on certain clothes I usually appear to locate myself thinking “I’d most likely look great within this basically was taller.” How do you be at ease with my height? I understand that I have to learn how to accept and love my shortness, but I’m not sure how.

Personally i think you. My height also hovers just above that five-feet mark. I arrived at my adult height-as well as my adult weight and bra size-by age twelve (!) and spent the following ten years plagued with shame about my petite and “pudgy” body.

In senior high school, I become an all natural leader and-achiever, however i worried constantly that due to my height and gender, I’d never truly be used seriously. The ladies I saw portrayed on television who have been respected, admired, respected-these were just about all globally tall and thin (obviously, these were also mostly youthful, white-colored, and wealthy, too). I permitted my ambition to become reduced in what I considered probably the most disqualifying attribute about myself-my lumpy, little frame.

“I worried constantly that due to my height and gender, I’d never truly be used seriously.”


For me personally, there is never an “aha” moment of self-love or self-acceptance, however a growing empathy, warmth, and appreciation, cultivated over many decades. Some of what improved my feelings of bodily self-worth were spiritual and mental (embodiment, confidence, humor) and a few were physical and practical (posture, high heel shoes, a great tailor, ha!). I’ve listed these below with my tips while you navigate the planet in a manner that matches your needs like a petite person!

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“Find things you want to do within your body. Embodiment reframes our whole perspective into certainly one of gratitude.”

Embodiment. Find things you want to do within your body. Sports, dancing, yoga, hiking-many of these activities offer an opportunity to create a deep appreciation and pleasure within our quite strong, very capable, very beautiful physiques. Embodiment reframes our whole perspective into certainly one of gratitude towards our physiques, whatever their size or shape.

Confidence. Explore your strengths, things that are distinctively and totally your personal. Help remind yourself of the wonderful characteristics-physical, spiritual, mental, otherwise-that you could offer around the world, and also to yourself! These positive beliefs let us maneuver around the planet with a feeling of pride and self-assurance.

Humor. A lot could be soothed with some levity. A feeling of humor will also help you navigate challenges like reaching the very best shelf inside your kitchen. Every time you solve an issue creatively, you’re exercising your resourcefulness it’s okay to embrace it and also to celebrate it.

“Proper posture causes us to be appear and *feel* taller and much more self-assured.”

Posture. For any petite person, posture is everything! Besides proper posture make us appear taller and much more self-assured, it causes us to be feel taller and much more self-assured. Like a plus, healthy posture is another wonderful gift we are able to share with our health and wellness and central nervous system.

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Heels. This clearly comes lower to non-public preference, however i put on comfortable, supportive heels to operate each day. (I even put on platform slippers throughout my house-I simply enjoy a little bit of extra height.) If you discover well-made, comfortable, and supportive heels, pull ‘em out and relish the view from the couple of inches greater. This is not essential to feel at ease or confident, however a fun tool to think about if you want.

A great tailor. Short, tall, curvy, thin-whatever shape or size you’re, purchasing tailored clothing could make you feel 1000 occasions much more comfortable inside your clothes. Associated with pension transfer things in existence, you’re permitted to ensure they are your personal.

Explore these pointers if you would like, but additionally be assured that eventually, the nagging feelings of insecurity within our youth frequently make method for an acceptance of ourselves that’s deserved and needed, and feels just like home.

“The nagging feelings of insecurity frequently make method for an acceptance of ourselves that feels just like home.”