Anonymous posting: A weapon against the suppression of freedoms!

Many people like to share their thoughts with others. But the necessity of revealing their identity makes them reluctant to say what they want. To solve this dilemma, the concept of anonymous posting appeared. To get people to publish their ideas anonymously, many websites have been created, The Doe.

There is a statistic that says that approximately 15,000 anonymous messages are sent daily via email. This huge number reflects how much people need anonymous posting.

But what is anonymous publishing?

Anonymous posting is a feature that allows anyone to say what they want online, without having to reveal their real name or identity. That is, no one will know who is behind a particular post or comment.

Anonymous posting has many advantages. It allows writers to avoid many problems while sharing their ideas with people.

For example, if someone is talking about a controversial topic in their community, they may fear being attacked by readers. Especially if he/she talks about an issue that is considered forbidden and causes division among people. But on the other hand, raising such issues stimulates the discussion in society and enhances the democratic spirit in terms of giving each person an opportunity to express his or her opinion on the issue at hand. All of this will have a positive impact on society, directly or indirectly.

In addition, raising any topic will increase the percentage of new information among readers.

Anonymous posting makes the individual freer, he/she will not be afraid of any danger. The person will become frankerous in expression. Suppose a person traveled to a country for tourism and settled in a certain hotel. During his stay in the hotel, he noticed that the customer service was bad, so he wanted to advise people not to book it. He may feel shameful to say so publicly. But anonymous posting would allow him to write to a travel website, where he could publish an article about the hotel’s flaws, while his identity would remain anonymous.

 Anonymous posting has helped reduce the rate of crimes as well. There are many criminals that the state was searching for in vain, but a letter from an unknown source reached the police mail, informing them about the location of the criminal!

Several governments around the world have allocated large sums of money to citizens who may contribute to exposing corruption. Emphasizing that their identity will remain confidential for their safety. Indeed, this process has paid off. Several corruption cases have been revealed. That is, anonymous posting is one of the foundations of accountability and transparency, and therefore democracy.

On the contrary, there are dictatorial countries that do not allow a plurality of opinions. In this case, the citizen will not be able to express his/her position on what is happening in the country. Anonymous posting, however, made things easier. Opponents of the state can now publish whatever they want without fear of persecution or imprisonment.

Thinking of trying anonymous posting?