No, You’re Not “Too Sensitive”

“You are too sensitive.”

It is a statement I have heard my existence. With respect to the context, it’s either meant being an insult or offered too-meaning feedback. Whatever the intention, I am always left with similar feelings: Toughen up. Be more powerful. Bury your feelings. Differ than what you are.

After I would be a teen, my parents and buddies noted how emotional I had been. I believe they feared I had been too delicate and can break. I cried as frequently when i chuckled and my moodiness were vast and frequent. I had been also easily affected by the opinions of others.

So why do you care a lot by what others think?” I recall my father asking me eventually after school. I had been upset in regards to a petty rumor began by my ex-boyfriend and I’m moping throughout the house all evening. I researched inside my father, a six-feet man using the thickest skin I understand, and shrugged. “I simply thought about being loved, I suppose.” He met me having a confused gaze along with a appearance of pity. I did not understand how to explain it wasn’t recognition I had been after, it had been belonging. I needed to feel recognized for who I had been.

For a long time, I have been ashamed about my bottomless well of feelings and my paper-thin skin. From as soon as I’m able to remember, my world continues to be formed by sensitivity. I process encounters and relationships through me first, then my brain, after which my body system. Sometimes it may be overwhelming. I frequently question how you can experience pleasure and sorrow within the same hour, and often concurrently.

I am especially embarrassed about my sensitivity towards the opinions of others. When I enter an area filled with people, my senses are increased. Even if I am lost in ideas, I notice how a room feels. I note body gestures and absorb moods as though these were my very own. “Browse the room,” they are saying. Believe me I just read it cover to pay for.

Obviously, sometimes, my feelings obtain the best of me and result in a poor headspace. You will find days I do not handle conflict and critique well I’ll take someone’s tone personally and make false narratives about my worth. But I must help remind myself that many people aren’t to hurt me, especially not my children. I owe it to other people to interrogate my feelings and think about any negative feelings. While in doubt, I put my brave pants on and communicate. More often than not, individuals are pleased to reframe their initial words to ensure that I more clearly understand their meaning.

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Most days, though, I be employed in a proper headspace, including responding around the world like a person considered “too sensitive.” I cry and laugh and scream and worry all before lunchtime. Without permission, my tear ducts more than-whether I am speaking to my mother, my boss, or even the clerk at Trader Joe’s. I can not escape my sensitive nature this is the way I am made. I have to cry and express myself to process existence and encounters. And I am tired of all of the tropes saying I am “an excessive amount of” and “a great deal to handle.”

This shame only fuels the emotional fire raging within me. However I can’t escape my sensitive nature this is the way I am made. I have to cry and express myself to process existence and encounters. And I am tired of all of the tropes saying I am “an excessive amount of” and “a great deal to handle.”

Possibly I don’t have to get ahold of myself, grow thicker skin, or funnel my feelings into creative projects. My feelings aren’t something to become fixed or released. They’re just as much part of me as my braches. Maybe, just maybe, my sensitive spirit is an indication of power and strength. I’m an empathic and emotionally aware person. As author Glennon Doyle jogs my memory, my superpower is my sensitivity.

I am not by yourself within my wondering. A fast Search shows the magnitude of sensitive people operating on the planet, asking the web questions like, “Shall We Be Held too sensitive?” “Why shall we be held so emotional?” and, probably the most heartbreaking, “How do you stop as being a sensitive person?”

Sensitivity is definitely an innate characteristic, not really a learned or malleable trait. We can not change our sensitive nature, nor should we must or wish to. Understanding how to love ourselves once we are might take some rewriting of old scripts, but it is so worthwhile. We are able to decide to embrace as well as celebrate the sensitive spirits living inside ourselves. Therefore we can pass the liberty onto others who’ve for too lengthy believed they’re “too sensitive.”

Because sensitive individuals are yet another variety of people, and also the more frequently I help remind myself of the, the less In my opinion there is ever this type of factor to be “too sensitive.”

Self-Care Strategies For Sensitive People

1. Inhale your emotions, exhale facts. Sometimes, we’re feeling shame when our feelings are hurt or someone deems us “too sensitive.” Also it can be simpler to avert this hurt by pretending it isn’t there.

But feeling our hurt could be useful, and embracing greater feelings doesn’t mean we must live there. Artist and author Morgan Harper Nichols explains this superbly on her behalf podcast (a small-meditation series):

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Acknowledging that people feel frustrated or let lower or embarrassed may be the inhale that results in an exhale-an exhale that states, It truly hurt to get that message. Their words reached me. I’ll decide to carry on anyway. I’ll study from this case and bear on.

May we inhale the way we are really feeling, then exhale objective facts (“I am hurt, but I’ll be okay”) to maneuver forward.

2. Talk to family members. Sometimes our family members need gentle reminders about the way you feel the world. Despite ten years with my lady, I frequently need to help remind myself he does not see or experience existence exactly the same way I actually do. Communication is essential then, to help keep our family members informed using the many feelings we might be experiencing.

3. Respect their limitations. But, as frequently as I have to process my feelings and talk through feelings, my children can not be my sounding board-we are able to communicate without offloading. It’s necessary that we respect the limitations of others, just was as we’d ask others to respect our limitations too. This is not to state our family members don’t wish to listen (many occasions they are doing!), but might we obtain within the practice of asking before discussing our feelings or processing feelings aloud.

It requires lots of emotional bandwidth to hear and become a secure space for another person, also it means a great deal to others whenever you respect these limitations and get before divulging your emotions.

4. Keep in mind that not everybody is really a sensitive person. Just like the world needs us, the planet needs individuals who process their feelings through their marbles and physiques. It isn’t fun being told you are “too sensitive” neither could it be fun to listen to “you’re insensitive.” Everybody processes encounters and relationships differently. May we be kind to other people and employ words to bridge communication gaps.

5. While nurturing self-trust, look for objective facts. Sometimes our feelings don’t inform us the entire story-and it is okay to inquire about questions in our feelings and look for objective facts. Our feelings are valid, however they can occasionally limit our understanding too-both things could be true simultaneously.

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Journaling and therapy (if that’s a choice for you personally) are useful for lightly challenging our feelings and thinking about alternative angles or perspectives. Ultimately, widening our lens is only going to allow us to to maneuver with the world as increasing numbers of balanced individuals.


Remember, words hold power. As the word goes, sticks and gemstones break bones. But-for sensitive people-words can hurt too. Make an effort to to become gentle, direct, and transparent inside your communication. Do not dismiss our feelings, even if they appear incomprehensive. The simple truth is, most sensitive people love experiencing and enjoying the world with an emotional lens it can make us feel alive and provides encounters a much deeper feeling of meaning. We would like to feel recognized and normal along the way.

How’s it going understanding how to love yourself like a sensitive person? I’d like to hear your tales within the comments below. ??

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