Alex Light: ‘We only have freedom if we have freedom for ALL shapes and sizes’!

Inclusive lingerie brand womanhood and the body positivity advocate Alex Light have became a member of forces on the new campaign celebrating women inside the brand’s community.

Within the number of video interviews, Alex discusses the themes of womanhood and self-acceptance with customers and models

Rhiannon Barnfather, Marta Lucia Kupfer, Chloe Lee and ex-Eastenders actor Melissa Suffield (nee Carter).

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Using the campaign launch, womanhood also have added three new brands (Skarlett Blue, Attollo and Natori) for their eclectic, female-brought collection, extending their size offering as much as 30-38 back along with a-HH cup.

Here, Alex talks us through her latest project, and just what the style industry can perform to become more inclusive.

Talk us using your new campaign.

It had been so wonderful to engage in the womanhood campaign and interview five women regarding their journey using their own womanhood and bodies… The interviews were raw, vulnerable and authentic also it really was relocating to have individuals honest conversations.

Do you know the greatest misconceptions around lingerie?

I believe it’s really worth noting that fancy lingerie ought to be accessible in excess of only one type of body. Everybody, regardless of their size or shape, will be able to get hold of really beautiful lingerie without having to turn to plain brazier and knickers that can simply hide and minimise. We will be able to celebrate our physiques in whatever feels and appears best to us.

You’ve labored in media industry for some time, how has it evolved, and just how has your relationship by using it altered?

I believe there has been huge steps towards inclusivity and variety in media – but we have a lengthy approach to take! Presently, most of the ‘plus-size’ ladies who are used for campaigns to exhibit diversity aren’t really over a United kingdom size 14, and also have shapely figures with flat stomachs with no cellulite, while fatter physiques continue to be marginalised and never proven. So we have only freedom when we have freedom for those sizes and shapes!

My relationship using the media continues to be interesting – like a magazine journalist for ten years and writing frequently about celebrity physiques, I certainly led to perpetuating diet culture and also have really battled to create peace with this.

What steps can the style industry decide to try become more inclusive without them feeling just like a box ticking exercise?

I believe it’s vital for brands and also the media to really realise why diversity is really important, therefore why it’s imperative that people result in the fashion industry a comprehensive space and prevent causing injury to individuals marginalised. This way, they’ll genuinely perform board using the change and striving to create just as much genuine change as you possibly can – which includes behind the curtain too and inside the companies themselves. Everybody wears clothes, so everybody should feel symbolized through the fashion industry.

What style training have you ever learned?

That it is Alright to like that which you like and stick to it. I usually felt like I needed to be testing out different trends and seeking to change up my wardrobe to really make it more interesting however i think there isn’t any harm in sticking with good basics that you simply feel great putting on. For me personally, it’s about comfort. Which goes for lingerie, too.

Has social networking altered your outlook on body positivity?

Hugely. Social networking has truly helped to teach me about them by having the ability to pay attention to the encounters of individuals in marginalised physiques and knowning that body positivity is essential for individuals which are oppressed only for the way they look. Body acceptance continues to be existence-altering for me personally, however i still need to acknowledge that, in the finish during the day, my body system continues to be greatly fortunate.

I believe social networking is actually assisting to change the way we watch our physiques – after being susceptible to the press just for such a long time (who portrayed only one sort of beauty), we can now create and steer our very own narrative and it is wonderful.