Airbnb just launched gift cards, AKA the perfect Christmas present!

Many people are simply hard to buy Gifts for. Whether it’s simply because they do not have an apparent hobby, or simply because they already appear to possess literally everything, the different options are the days accumulating to Christmas perusing exactly the same uninspiring gifts on the internet and in stores.

But Airbnb is here now to provide a solution, and it is an excellent one: an Airbnb gift certificate. Yup, it may take 13 many years of their existence with this apparently apparent offering to get obtainable in the United kingdom, but we’re likely to forgive them because it’s this type of genius Christmas present option.

Gifting somebody an event is a method to give them lovely, lasting recollections. But may you do not know precisely what that dream trip away would seem like on their behalf at that time it may be a rustic retreat somewhere in the sticks, or perhaps an escape through the ocean. Maybe it’s a rental property having a pool somewhere hot, or maybe it’s a buzzing city break.

Airbnb’s new gift certificate means the recipient could possibly be the someone to decide where they’re going or the things they’re doing, using the choice to redeem it against the app’s homes or Airbnb Encounters all over the world.

The present cards may either be purchased digitally or physically from Tesco and Morrisons stores within the United kingdom, and you may choose any custom add up to load them track of. Plus, the good thing is: when the recipient has loaded the worth onto their Airbnb account, it will not expire.

Right now, you’re most likely motivated to put an Airbnb gift certificate by yourself Christmas wish list, so why wouldn’t you check out a few of the Airbnbs we have firmly on the hit list…