Wednesday, November 29

A U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text 2022 Know Here

Did you have a text claiming to become from U.N Relief Fund Program saying you have been selected as champion of 185,000 pound? Would you like to determine whether this text is really a scam or legit one? Look at this review to discover why you need to be skeptical of these text.

What’s the U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text

U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text are texts scammers are delivering to be able to scam unsuspecting people.

Scammers are actually impersonating U.N , they give a note claiming to become from their store, plus they tell you just how you are some of the random lucky winners selected to get 185,000 pounds each in the U.N Relief Fund Program, the written text insists upon send an e-mail to This can be a scam.

Donation scams are popular nowadays and lots of have fallen on their behalf. In a later stage, they’ll request you to send them money to be able to claim the prize

U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text Format

A U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text always is available in this type:

Congratulations YOUR NUMBER Is Chosen AS Champion OF 185,000 POUND Within The U.N RELIEF FUND PROGRAM, Send Us An Email UR NAME.ADDRES,PHONE,AGE TO EMAIL:

You may even get other similar emails as they are available in various form, it’s in your welfare that you simply don’t click it, simply delete it and inform others so that they don’t become victim. The aim here’s to lure unsuspecting victims to transmit them money. There’s a discussion thread on Reddit about this kind of scam, read further onto it which means you don’t become victim.


In the Foregoing, it’s obvious the U.N Relief Fund Program Scam Text is really a scam, A lot of people have obtained similar texts, Users shouldn’t reply such mail because the U.N wouldn’t send this kind of message.