A Check list for Trust Base Governance in the country


The slogan of Sabka Sath , Sabka Vikas aivam Sabka Vishwas needs trust of stakeholders. So we must exercise a technique towards ‘trust-based governance’.

Attempting to achieve ‘trust-based governance’ requires:

  1. Work and social harmony leading to peace and which will check all kinds of fundamentalism.
  2. Reliable data and record systems.
  3. Government should empower america financially, particularly in domains like health, education and skilling.
  4. Empower GST council by converting it into Empowered Condition Finance minister’s council to get headed by Condition finance ministers.
  5. The finance commission, which now handles Budget allocations could generate confidence between states as well as other stakeholders.
  6. Administrative and bureaucratic reforms to produce transparency and accountability
  7. An insurance plan of Coherence to get centred around PMO and Chief Minister’s office.
  8. Concentrate on EODB through easing permits, checking inspector raj, license raj etc.
  9. We would like second wave of financial reforms to reinvigorate the LPG reforms of 1991
  10. We would like urgent judicial reforms to reduce pendency and delays minimizing the idea of extended summer time some time and winter breaks to Courts.


Avoid GDP based economic indicators to more inclusive indicators of development.

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