51 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for 18-year Old Boys and Girls

18th birthday is a big milestone in the lives of both children and parents. And, to give something nice and special as a gift to the one who has just turned 18 can be quite challenging.

Moreover, you can go through our guide below which comprises 50 birthday gift ideas and minimize your time involved in researching the gift item.

Smartwatch: Gift your daughter or son a smartwatch that not just tells time but also keeps you connected with your near & dear ones. You can buy these smartwatches from renowned brands like Samsung, Mi, Realme, Oppo, Apple, and more.

Wireless Headphones: These are one of the great options that you can consider for gifting to your 18-year old. Wireless headphones let the user enjoy music at anyplace and anytime by connecting it through Bluetooth. Moreover, these headphones can be connected with phones, laptops, smart TVs, tablets and other smart devices.

Leather Wallet: Gift your boy a smart leather wallet in which he will not just keep money but also other essential documents like driving license, credit card, debit card, ID proofs and more. You can make a choice amongst different colors like black, tan, and more.

Handbag: Bring a smile on her face by gifting her a stylish handbag from some prestigious brands like Baggit, Caprese, Lavie, Hidesign, Mango, Lino Perros, Chumbak, and more. She would carry this handbag while going to college, party, lunch, and various other occasions.

Smartphone: A smartphone can be an unforgettable gift that can be used to stay connected and keep yourself entertained. Choice can be made amongst well-known brands like Apple, OnePlus, Samsung, Xiaomi, Realme, and more.

Camera: Make unforgettable memories by gifting a camera from Instax, Nikon, Canon, and other brands. Camera lets you capture high resolution pictures and record high quality videos.

Laptop: Gift your boy or girl a laptop that can be used for completing college assignments, streaming videos online, playing games, attending online classes, listening to songs, and doing other activities.

Tablet: Show your generosity by gifting your 18-year old a tablet from Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Dell, and other brands. These tablets can cater to the purpose of both smartphones and laptops.

Keychain: A small but a memorable gift that you can give to the one who has just turned 18. Available in different designs, colors and sizes, keychains can be used for hanging keys of drawers, scooty, and lockers.

Pendant Set: Make your girl feel like a diva by gifting her a beautiful pendant set. These pendant sets can be worn for both formal and casual occasions.

Makeup and Beauty Products Set: One of the best choices that you can consider to give on the 18th birthday of your dear one are makeup and beauty products set. There can be lipstick, kajal, nail paint, maskara, eyeliner, concealer, highlighter, and other products in this set that are highly useful.

Sports Shoes: Gift a nice pair of sports shoes from Nike, Adidas, Puma or some other brand to your dear one and bring a big smile to their face.

Sunglasses: Celebrate the birthday of your loved one in style by gifting him or her a pair of shades that are fun and fashionable. Sunglasses will add an appeal to your dear one’s personality.

Perfume: A perfume gift set can be an ideal choice as it gives a personal touch to the one whom you gift it. Such a gift item not only shows how thoughtful you are but also can be used on a daily basis.

Clothes: One of the best choices that you can give as a gift are clothes as these can be used on a daily basis by both boys and girls. There are numerous options such as jeans, dresses, shirts, jackets, kurta-pyjama sets, salwar-kameez sets, blazers, T-shirts, trousers, and more.

Personalized Mugs: Gift personalized coffee mug with name of your loved ones and make them feel special. These mugs can be customized with photos, quotes, names, or messages.

Notebooks and Journals: Gift a nice set of notebook or journal to your loved one where they can write their thoughts and memories.

Pen: A pen set is a wiser gifting option as it is mightier than a sword. Moreover gifting a pen symbolises intellect, especially when a person has a passion for writing.

Colouring Set: Buy a coloring set for your loved one, which is attractive and highly useful. This is a good gifting option for those who have an interest in painting and sketching.

Customized Mobile Cover: Give a customized mobile cover with some amazing design and a noce of the person whom you would give this. This is not just a thoughtful and sentimental gift, but a useful one too.

Earrings: Buy earrings or jhumkas as a gifting option for the pretty one who has turned 18. This special gift can be worn on different occasions.

Trimmer: Gift a trimmer to the young man who has just turned 18 so that he can keep himself groomed. There are numerous brands available like Philips, Nova, Ustraa, HTC, Havells, and more.

Chocolates: Give the sweetness of happiness in the form of chocolates as a gift item to your loved one who is about to celebrate his or her 18th birthday.

Bluetooth Speakers: Gift bluetooth speakers to the youngsters who are about to turn 18 so that they can enjoy music wirelessly at their birthday party.

Fairy Lights: Fairy lights make a beautiful gift for young boys and girls who are about to turn 18. These lights can be used to decorate their rooms.

Customized Cake: This is an evergreen birthday gift that you can give. Moreover, there are fondant cakes or picture cakes that you can customize as per your requirement.

Hair Dryer: One of the best gifting options that is of great use. Both young girls and boys can use a hair dryer on a daily basis after hair wash.

Hair Straightener: This again is a grooming product that can be gifted to both girls and boys with long hair. A hair straightener can be used for hair styling both occasionally and frequently.

Backpack: A backpack is a useful gift item that you can buy from Adidas, Tommy Hilfiger, Reebok, Puma, Wildcraft, Skybags, and more. These backpacks can be used for carrying books and other essentials while going to the college.

Customized Water Bottle: Customise a bottle with a quote, photo or name printed on it of the person whom you wish to gift it. These bottles are available in different capacities and shapes.

Bean Bag: Gifting a bean bag is a great gifting option as it is portable, classy, light in weight, and comfortable. These are considered as the go to furniture items for the new generation.

Bracelet: Gift a stylish bracelet to the girl who will just turn 18. The bracelet should be attractive, light in weight and comfortable to wear so that can be worn of different occasions conveniently.

Mobile Stand: This is a useful gift item that can be used while driving a car or bike, lying on the bed, or studying. These not only hold the mobiles securely but enable the user perform his/her tasks conveniently.

Customized Pillow: Create a customised pillow with photos, name or a quote printed on it and gift it to your dear one so that he/she remembers it for lifetime.

Gift Card: You can give a gift card to your loved one from Amazon, Myntra, or other known websites with a preloaded amount that you desire to give so that the person can shop from the website according to his/her choice and requirements.

Bouquet: A flower bouquet is a very special and thoughtful gift that can be given to a loved one turning 18. You can choose to put in the flowers that the birthday boy or girl likes.

Necktie Set: Buy a stylish necktie set for the young gentleman who is about to turn 18. This set comprises necktie, cufflinks, and other accessories available in different color options.

Photo Frame: Gift an attractive photo frame to the birthday boy or birthday girl so that he/she can prettify their room walls and add uniqueness. Also, these photo frames are a great option for storing memories in the form of pictures.

Pet: This is a perfect gift for the boy or girl turning 18. You can choose to give a dog or a cat if you are sure he/she wants one.

Personalized Caricature: These are amongst the funny gifts that you can give to a youngster who’s about to celebrate his/her 18th birthday. These are a fun way to reach out to people.

Wind Chime: Wind Chime is not just a piece of decoration that creates a nice sound but it also brings prosperity and happiness if hung in the right direction in a house.

Guitar: This again is a nice thoughtful gift to a young girl or boy who has interest in music and wants to learn the instrument.

Personalized Wall Clock: A personalized wall clock is a perfect gift option that you can gift and surprise your loved one with. This wall clock can be customized with quotes, pictures, names and messages printed on it.

Soft Toys: It is not necessary that only kids or infants have a fetish for soft toys. Both boys and girls who might have turned 18 or are about to turn 18, like stuff toys too.

Scooty: Buy a scooty as a gift for the 18 years old boy or girl as they are eligible to ride the same. This will be useful for going to college or other nearby places.

Charging Stand for Phones: This is a useful gift item that lets you charge your phone without any worries of holding the same in your hands.

AirPods by Apple: Apple AirPods give the wireless headphone experience to the user with crystal clear sound.

Sleeping Bag: A sleeping bag as a gift would impress the birthday boy or girl who is planning for camping or hiking in the coming days.

Alarm Clock: Gift an alarm clock so that one wakes up on time and also understands the value of time.

Dumbbells: For fitness enthusiasts, dumbbells are a great gifting option as it would help him/her in building up muscles and staying fit.

Beginner Lock Pick Set: One way to welcome adulthood is to learn a new survival skill—namely, lock picking. If your 18-year-old is leaving for college soon, a lock pick set, along with a multitool, will come in handy for emergency situations and repairs. Teach them how to use the tools and do quick fixes around the house. It will be one of the most valuable gifts you can ever give your kid.