5 Ways To Keep Your Home Warm Without A Heater This Winter!

Natural Methods To Stay Warm

Look into the thermometer. The temperatures are going lower, lower, lower. Which means heating bills will increase, up, up… unless of course you are making a couple of changes. Arriving the thermostat isn’t the only method keep the home warm during wintertime. Try these tips to stay comfortable, save energy and warm your house more naturally. Some require a little time, but others can be achieved immediately.

1. Switch IT

A ceiling fan is ideal for circulating air throughout the summer time, causing you to feel cooler. Heated air hovers close to the ceiling. Fan blades pressure the environment lower, where it pushes against lower, cooler air. If this air starts moving, the 70 degrees appears to decrease.

Turn back direction from the ceiling fan produces the opposite effect. During wintertime, spin the fan clockwise. The rotating blades pull cooler air up, so greater, warmer air flows lower in to the room. As with summer time, the temperature from the room doesn’t really change. Redistribution from the air just helps make the space feel better… so save energy out on another operate a room fan if you are not there.

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2. Open It Up

In cold temperature, warm foods are comforting. You will probably find yourself making use of your oven more frequently, so make use of the hot temperature. After you’re done baking or roasting, switch off the oven but leave the doorway open. The new air spreads in to the kitchen, making that room, a minimum of, toasty warm.

A thing of warning: don’t take this practice to extremes. Once the oven is off, it’s fine to make use of the leftover heat, but do not ever operate a gas oven to heat your house. A gas stove emits harmful amounts of deadly carbon monoxide.


A hair piece does greater than keep the ft from touching a cool floor. It functions being an insulating layer from the cold. If you are considering adding an area rug to some room, think about these features:

Depth: Generally, the thicker the rug, the greater protection it provides from the cold.

Density: An area rug having a high stitch count leaves little space between looped yarn, so it’s a great insulator. Avoid loosely woven rugs, which let cold air circulate easily.

Fiber: For insulation, the best choice is made of woll. It is also comfy and durable. Made of woll rugs may also be pricey and challenging clean. Less expensive – and scrubbable – options include cotton, acrylic and nylon. This stuff put on out faster, so rugs should be replaced more frequently.

Size: That one is straightforward. The larger the rug, the greater protection it provides against a chilly floor. There isn’t any law that states you could have just one rug per room. If your single rug doesn’t work, multiple rugs cover lots of space on the floor.


Warm your bed room – or at best your sheets – utilizing an old-fashioned but reliable method. You will know soapstone that’s be a popular material for basins and countertops? Well, you are able to really go ahead and take soapstone and employ it like a bed warmer. Soapstone holds heat well, so warmth spreads through sheets and blankets for hrs. You won’t be required to sort through antique stores brand-new soapstone warmers can be found through retailers.

Once you heat soapstone inside your oven, it’s hot to hold barehanded. Wrap the slab inside a cloth, and set it underneath the covers 30 minutes before tucking yourself in. Whenever you hit the sack, leave the soapstone during sex and remain cozy at night time.

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Home windows and doorways that do not seal correctly let in several cold air. If you possess the funds, you are able to install replacements. Otherwise, consider using a low-cost method of block the nippiness, for example:

Weather strip protection: Lay parts of peel-and-stick adhesive foam around doorframes and also at lower edges of home windows. The stripping comes in a number of thicknesses so that you can suit your specific gaps.

Obvious plastic film: Attach this to some window frame. Heat the show having a blow dryer to tighten the plastic and be sure a great seal.

Certain window coverings also aid keep warmth inside:

Cellular shades don’t stop all sunlight, however they do insulate against cold air.

Some manufactured curtains include insulated backing. Thick curtains or layers of curtains offer protection.

One snake you’ll want within your house: a draft snake. These toppers tube, typically full of uncooked grain or peas, lies peacefully at the end of the door or window to bar cold air.

You cannot stop winter from coming, however, you can do something to help keep high heating bills away and warm your house more naturally.