7 Reasons to Stop Taking Hot Showers Every Morning

Are hot showers healthy for you?

What’s the offer with walking in to the shower every day and jacking the temperature up?

We shower in serious trouble since it seamless comfort, right? We shower in serious trouble because we reside in a time where it’s very easy accessible, so we do not have to pummel ourselves with freezing cold water like cave men.

However, whether hot showers are great for your body is another question altogether. We lately authored articles that highlights the advantages of cold showers and today we’re searching in the switch-side from the argument.

7 Good reasons to Quit Taking Hot Showers

If cold showers are extremely great for us, that has to make us question the benefits and drawbacks of hot showers. Is comfort the only real factor hot showers have opting for them, or perhaps is there more into it than that?

This short article outlines all why you need to quit taking hot showers every day, and perhaps change to cold showers or something like that in-between.

1. They’ll Damage The Skin Cells

Although the skin includes 3 separate layers, hot showers modify the most surface of the epidermis, the skin. Taking hot showers frequently damages your keratin cells, what are cells that comprise this layer of your skin.

They exist to help keep the moisture within your skin, but heat exposure can frequently damage the skin, and worsen the health of the skin.

2. They’ll Cause Dried-out Skin

For the similar reason by which hot showers damage the skin the layer of your skin accountable for maintaining your moisture within your skin is broken. Which ends up up departing you with dry, cracked, rough skin.

Warm water strips oils in the skin quicker than tepid to warm water. Lengthy showers can really dry up the skin. Limit yourself one 5-10 minute warm shower each day, or take cold showers and improve the health of the skin!

3. They’re Harmful to Fertility/Testes Health

Research has proven that men that regularly take hot showers and baths are in greater chance of infertility. A particular study demonstrated that whenever men with fertility problems stopped taking baths, 5 from 11 observed an impressive rise in sperm fertility.

Overheating your testes can be quite harmful to your sperm fertility and overall fertility. Really, taking cold showers/baths may benefit fertility considerably.

Sperm are recognized to develop best inside a awesome atmosphere, and that’s why the main difference between taking hot showers and taking cold showers, can produce a massive difference to sperm health.

4. They May Damage Hair Cuticles

Individuals keratin cells i was speaking about earlier?

They’re also accountable for protecting hair. Warm water damages individuals cells, and may damage hair cuticles. Which basically means worse searching hair, as well as hair thinning if taken to some extent!

Many people don’t wash their head of hair in hot enough water to break their scalp and cause their head of hair follicles to weaken. However, sometimes people do, which may potentially help make your hair thinner lower the road.

5. They Frequently Aggravate Acne

From what you’ve read above, you’d have most likely believed that hot showers might really help acne. Given that they dry the skin out just a little, it might have potentially stopped your pores from that contains a lot oily bacteria.

Well, the alternative is really true. Tepid to warm water is really a yes, but warm water is really a no. In case your showers are extremely hot, this could frequently aggravate acne and make it spread!

6. Hot Showers Are extremely Comfortable

Apart from dangers for your health, among the primary good reasons to quit taking hot showers, is mainly because too comfortable.

You’ve arrived in this article because you need to become better, whether long yet or otherwise. Hot showers are extremely comfortable, and when you get accustomed to this comfort, it’ll be tougher that you should pursue your objectives.

Similar to the good reasons to stop watching tv, or give up eating sugar all of these are addictions. So when you depend with an easy addiction that keeps you comfortable, you’ll think it is more difficult to reside for your maximum potential.

Your ability to succeed begins with your health, and when your routine is filled with habits which are easy, out on another help you by any means, you’ve got a problem.

7. You’re Productivity May Be Suffering

Here’s the factor, you want to take hot showers right?

So when you want to make a move, for you to do much more of it. Which means your time put in the shower increases. Rather of getting a couple minute cold shower, you’re getting a 15 minute hot shower.

13 minutes, gone… much like that. Imagine if you are carrying this out in excess of only one activity during the day. The number of minutes are you currently really wasting here?

You’d be amazed at the length of time you are able to claw away from using the painfully costly way.


Here’s a fast recap around the good reasons to quit taking hot showers every day:

  • They’ll damage the skin cells
  • They’ll cause dried-out skin
  • They’re harmful to fertility/testes health
  • They may damage hair cuticles
  • They frequently aggravate acne
  • Hot showers are extremely comfortable
  • Your productivity may be suffering
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