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Wordle is now a world fashionable phrase recreation or quiz. Right now, we’re going to cowl some 5 letter phrases that finish with Ape. Click on right here to learn the article proper now.

What amusement do you get enjoying phrase video games along with your beloved ones? How would you react if had been unable to seek out somebody to play in an exercise of phrase affiliation? It’s Wordle. It’s a recreation of phrases wherein you should work out the clues, appropriate the errors, and discover the reply.

Wordle customers worldwide presently face a difficulty. Many customers are struggling to seek out phrases that start with Ape characters. We’ve compiled the listing of 5 letter phrases ending with Ape to flick thru.

APE-Ending Phrases

Beneath is an alphabetical listing of all 5 letter phrases ending in ape.

  • Crape
  • Chape
  • Agape
  • Drape
  • Form
  • Frape
  • Scape
  • Etape
  • Trape
  • Grape

What precisely is Wordle recreation?

Wordle is a brand new phrase recreation on the web invented by Josh Wardle, a programmer well-known because the creator of The Button on Reddit The Button and social experiments Place. When a five-letter phrase could be accurately recognized after six makes an attempt, the participant will get coloured tiles that present the right and incorrect locations within the phrase. Opposite to different guessing video games, akin to Mastermind, Wordle signifies which letters are proper in every prediction. The reply phrase for day-after-day is identical for everybody who participates.

Extra 5 Letter Phrases Ending With Ape

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  • Don’t slap
  • Snape
  • swap

The Meanings of APE Ending 5 Letter Phrases

  • Agape is the title given to the lips of an individual who’s open in amazement or shock.
  • Scabbard level comprised of metallic.
  • Vine fruits could be eaten contemporary or made into wine. Grapes could also be purple, black, and even inexperienced based on the form of grape.


  1. What’s Wordle?

A recreation on-line referred to as Wordle shall be launched in October 2021.

  1. Who got here up with Wordle in addition to 5 letter phrases? The Ending in ?

Wordle was developed by a programmers who was named Josh Wardle.

  1. That are 5-Letter Phrases Ending in APE Do You Acknowledge?

Grapes, Agape and Chape

  1. What’s the that means of the phrase “agape”?

In a state that’s awe-inspiring or amazement, somebody’s lips may very well be with their mouths broad open.

The Problem’s Historical past

Ultimately, the vast majority of folks start their days by enjoying Wordle or the same kind of recreation that helps stimulate their minds all through the day. In case you’re in want of assist to determine five-letter phrases that finish with the letter APE, you’re in the best spot.

In case you’re searching for a 5 Letter Phrases That Finish in Ape or different for the events once we’re at our greatest, we’ve bought one. With our complete listing of phrases listed above, you’ll be capable of preserve the profitable momentum. With this listing, you’ll find a way discover 5 Letter Phrases Ending within the APE of right this moment’s Wordle puzzle, or for another phrase recreation you’re enjoying.


There was a prolonged listing of phrases that had been capped with APE. It’s doable to seek for the phrases listed inside the clue field for the best reply to the wordle puzzle. You may as well discover extra phrases that start with Ape .

What are your opinions on the gathering 5 Letter Phrases That Finish in Ape? Tell us when you’ve bought one thing to share!

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