5 Gift Ideas For Brother That Goes Well With Every Ocassion

Finding the perfect gift for your brother? Then you have landed on the right page. As you can’t live with your brother in the same room but you can’t live without them either. After all, it’s the family that we have got in bad and good times. Brothers have always been there to protect us no matter what the circumstances are. Even if they are the one who pretends to be cold-hearted all the time but still they have a soft corner for their sisters. So it’s your time to do something extraordinary because you owe so much to him. It’s really the efforts that count and by choosing the perfect gift item you can let him know how much he means to you. If your brother’s birthday or any special day is around the corner, it’s the perfect time to celebrate your unbreakable bond with them. Don’t worry about finding the gift for your brother, because we have done this job for you.

Anyhow, we have compiled some gift items that are perfect for your brother.

Customized cake

Cake is the center of attraction for all occasions. So to celebrate your brother’s special day, a happy birthday cake is a must on the occasion. A wonderful homemade cake would surely bring a smile to your brother’s face. If you find it easier to bake a cake by yourself, it’s totally up to you. Else you can get a designer or customized one from Bangalore’s best online cake shop and bakeries as well.


If you are shopping for a brother who is a trip enthusiastic. Then probably a backpack would help him to stay stylish and well organized too. What’s better than a gift which is fashionable and useful as well. Backpacks are spacious enough to keep all the essential belongings of a person. A person with a backpack doesn’t even need to carry extra bags with them. Because these bags are roomy and can hold up to some heavy amount of weight in them. Whenever he is heading to outstation trips or small outings, he can take this bag along with him to carry his stuff.

Portable charger

Portable power banks always make a great and useful gift to give or receive. It’s a type of present that one can use for a very long period of time. The power bank is the perfect alternative for the fancy gifts that lost their appearance after some period of time. For your brother, the power bank is the right gift if he is the one who loses his phone battery whenever he’s outside home. Now he won’t use this excuse for not picking up your phone in a timely manner. This can also be used for charging other electronic gadgets and devices.

Wireless headphones

A great pair of headphones is important to keep especially the noise cancellation ones to avoid unwanted sounds and voices.  So who would not love the pair of wireless headphones as a gift? But it’s not as easy as may it seem. You have to consider many things while buying a set for someone. That whether you are purchasing for a music lover or a game lover. The sound clarity of wireless headphones is a must. Also, you can opt for the pair that cuts the outside nuisance as well. Many brands are offering different types of variety with different prices, you can choose according to your budget.


There is no one on this planet who would not love to flaunt their white shiny sneakers.

We think, probably everyone loves to do that. So why not give a pair of white sneakers to your brother? If you love to pinch your pocket a little more for your brother then you can go for Nike or Adidas to buy a pair from. He would love to receive such a sweet gesture from you.

So these were some gift items that a brother would love to receive. If you want to make a midnight surprise, then it’s perfectly  possible to make a cake delivery in bangalore and get the cake at the exact 12:00 strike.