5 Budget-Friendly Tips to Help you Stay Warm This Winter

Winter is the time of the year when you spend cozy evenings with your loved ones, wear pretty coats and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate milk. The holiday season with a bunch of gifts and gatherings, this is the vibes of winters.

But with cozy days comes the cost of feeling extremely cold and having a runny nose on most days. Many people just switch from the cool mode in their AC to the heater.

It can surely make your home warmer, but it can lead to a higher bill cost than expected. Here are some tips to help you stay warm in winter while on a low budget.

Use Smart Heating System

Instead of a conventional heater leading to increased electricity bills, use a smart heating solution. It can be both energy-efficient and help you maintain the best possible temperature according to your home. You can use a smart thermostat or a smart AC controller.

The best option is an AC controller that adjusts the temperature with built-in humidity and temperature sensors. The best part about these devices is that they can be controlled through smartphones or an online application from anywhere you are. As no energy is expended unless your room needs heat, it saves a lot on electricity bills and keeps you warm at the same time. Connecting to Direct Energy plans is also a good idea since they offer way more affordable rates for your home.

Use a Humidifier

People who use humidifiers know very well that air that comes from a humidifier gives off a warmer feeling than dry air. Moreover, bacteria and viruses can not travel as well in moist air.

Too much dry air caused by using heat appliances can dry up the atmosphere in your home, giving rise to respiratory problems and irritability. So use the humidifier with a normal range to keep the perfect balance of humidity.

Add Layers to your Outfit

You may start to feel hot if you wear extra-warm clothes and cold when you don’t wear warm clothes. The best solution is to layer up your outfits. Start with the thinnest layer and add warm layers to them until you feel cozy and comfortable.

Moreover, adding different layers can help you stay stylish and warm at the same time. Pair your outfit with the perfect flat boots for women at FSW Shoes, and you are excellent to go.

Insulate the Windows

Heat can be quickly lost from the windows, so you should think about insulating your windows along with your walls and floors. Now there are more options to cover the windows other than putting up curtains.

You can install window films to provide an insulating layer on top of the window. These are made up of insulating material that quite closely resembles bubble wrap.

Add Carpet and Rugs

Although wooden and tile floors may seem like a fancy way to decorate your home, it’s not such a good idea for winters. One way to warm up your floors is to afford carpet or rugs.

Since most body heat is lost through the hands and feet, tiles may add up to the cold. Buy yourself a fluffy rug with a color that compliments your furniture while adding a layer of coziness.