20 invitation samples for a birthday party

Birthday is a special day and you always want to celebrate this day with your dear one. Your close relatives are also eagerly waiting for your birthday party invitation. So below mentioned are a few invitation samples for birthday party that you can go through:

  1. Digital motion graphics will be a trendy one for inviting your friends to your birth party. You can animate it yourself or take the help of a professional graphic designer. Text, color, and music selection leave to your designer.
  2. A personalized audio invitation clip will be the cool idea of inviting your loved one. Mingle your audio with good music. Write content before going for recording and avoid fumbles.
  3. A bottle of wine with flowers tied up with your birthday invitation card will be the talk among your friend circle.
  4. Invite your friends and loved ones with lots of sweetness. Design a chocolate cake with an invitation message on it with white puff cream and lots of gems decorated on top.
  5. Give cookies an alphabet shape, then arrange them in word form saying that ‘You Are Invited’, and pack this nicely and keep it on the doorstep. This creative invitation stuff will be liked in your friend circle and you will have tons of hugs and wishes at your birthday party.
  6. A crafted wood box filled with sweet candies and heart shaped invitation cards will put an end to your search.
  7. Contact local radio stations and request them to make a program on your friends and relatives and narrate their sacrifices they have made for you and invite all through this program. If you are going for this idea, don’t forget to inform all well in advance. For giving the information you can use social media platforms, but don’t share the content of the program.
  8. Design a trendy T-shirt with an invitation card printed on the front side and courier this in a well-packed gift pack.
  9. Seasonal symbol clipart like a black umbrella for the rainy season, sunglasses for summer, jacket for winter can be also used as birthday invitation cards. Take a digital colorful printout with an invitation message written at the center.
  10. Host a pre-birthday bash with loved ones and friends. Invite them all formally during this party and give them a thanks card with the invitation for your birthday at the back of the card.
  11. Herbal gift face care hamper will be loved by your close buddies and relatives. Gift them with a birthday party invitation card and leave a note about using face care herbal products and look smart at my birthday party.
  12. A hamper filled with birthday accessories is the best way to invite your friends to your birthday party.
  13. A handmade invitation card will show your love and affection. Decorate this handmade card with lots of stars, smiley faces and roll it with the help of a ribbon. This invitation style resembles the old way of sending an invitation.
  14. Hire a loudspeaker and invite them in. This all activity needs to be done in front of their front door and with loud music.
  15. You can invite your friends and relatives through a music band. Organize a road trip and play live music with a birthday invitation in front of their house.
  16. Delivering pizza with an invitation card will be loved by all.
  17. The postcard is out of fashion but the post office is still working in full swing. Post a handwritten invitation card.
  18. Design an e-invitation card with the help of printerfairy and email it to all..
  19. A woodcraft leaf with an invitation will be an innovative idea for inviting your friends to your birthday party.
  20. Hand made small silk stitched bags tied with ribbon will look fancy and trendy. Fill this bag with chocolate candy and a small invitation card will be loved by your friend and relatives.

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