Korean Valentine’s Year: 12 Romantic Celebrations Every 14th of the Month

Feb 14 is really a day for those enthusiasts all over the world. However, in Korea, the 14th of every month is essential for couples and enthusiasts.

Let’s discover all of the special celebrations happening every 14th from the month and Korea’s Valentine’s Year.

Diary Day (14th The month of january)

Januray 14 is actually a Diary day for Koreans. About this day, people exchange an empty diary with a family member. Should you receive one out of your lover, you need to write lower your emotions and sentiments in the blank pages. You may also mention yearly goals, resolutions, as well as annual tasks. Are you able to imagine studying your lover’s diary?

Love Day (14th Feb)

Love Day is actually exactly the same in each and every country. In Korea, however, it’s the ladies who buy gifts for that man. Women show their feelings by purchasing chocolates or roses.

White-colored Day (14th March)

White-colored day is well known within the 14th of March in Korea. This very day is definitely an chance for males to repay their female gifters. Men usually buy costlier and much more costly gifts like chocolates, jewellery, along with other gifts their partner likes.

Black Day (14th April)

April 14 in Korea is called Black day. This very day is perfect for single people that aren’t inside a relationship. About this day, men and women meet one another putting on black clothes. They consume a Chinese Korean dish known as jajangmeyon. This dish consists of pork, vegetables along with a very dark soyabean sauce. They celebrate this year like a disappointing day similar to a funeral ceremony.

Yellow Day (14th May)

May 14 is Yellow Day. During yellow day, people exchange yellow roses or any other roses with family members. Couples visit the coffee shop and restaurants and spend time with one another. It is also a great day to get along with close buddies and family.

Hug Day (14th June)

Hug day may be the favorite day’s Koreans. It’s the easiest method to express their deep love. Couples and enthusiasts celebrate this very day by kissing one another. Clearly it’s the best day for anyone who’ve deeply fallen for each other. It’s really the very best romantic day for couples.

Silver Day (14th This summer)

Silver Day has a type of engagement ceremony. On This summer 14, enthusiasts exchange matching couple rings with one another. They will also be known as promise rings because they signify their dedication to one another.

Eco-friendly Day (14th August)

Eco-friendly Day is Nature Day. People meet and visit beautiful lush places to celebrate this very day.

Eco-friendly Day is among the best occasions to possess a family get-together. Families meet, eat, or drink soju while possibly putting on some eco-friendly clothes.

Photo Day (14th September)

September 14 is Photo Day in Korea. As possible guess, it’s each day for selfies on and on to photo studios. Couples, particularly, have some fun doing memorable photo shoots.

Families and buddies visit photo booths or call photography lovers to capture these moments. Some go so far as getting a photograph shoot party. They prepare photo props and also have their pictures taken.

Wine Day (14th October)

October 14 is really a big day for drinkers. In this day, couples and enthusiasts meet to possess a romantic wine party. They drink in public places occasions or local bars.

Families and buddies will also get connected on Wine Day. They provide a hot hug towards the nearest family people about this day.

Movie Day (14th November)

November 14 is popular and among the Koreans’ favorite days. Koreans celebrate this very day by meeting one another in the cinema and watching movies. Many people stay home, rent DVDs and pop their very own popcorn.

Hug Day (14th December)

We finish the entire year having a Hug Day. As possible guess, Korean people embrace the individual they love. Couples meet to provide one another hugs. Men and women aren’t overlooked though and provide their warm hugs to one another in order to buddies and families.

Have you got such like inside your countries, too?

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