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11 Thoughtful Gifts For The Fair Trade Foodie In Your Life!

Fair Trade Gourmet Gift Baskets

Who does not love a vacation gourmet gift basket filled with chocolates, teas or coffees? Foodie gifts are globally festive and believe to talk about something for fair trade goods then to provide family members a good trade gourmet gift basket. Here are a few in our favorite fair trade companies this holidays.

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1. Divine Chocolate

Divine Chocolate is co-of 85,000 maqui berry farmers in Ghana who give you the cacao for all of their sweets. Furthermore they empower ladies and give a voice within the global marketplace, but they’re also Fair-Trade certified. Their type of gourmet gift baskets include their wealthy and creamy chocolates, ginger root thins, and savory hazelnuts – the chocolate lover inside your existence will certainly be satisfied.

Cost Range $23 – $44

2. Serrv

Provide the gift of affection and goodwill this holidays with a container from Serrv, made up of Fair-Trade chocolates, food, along with other significant products. Serrv is really a nonprofit, Fair-Trade organization focused on lifting disadvantaged artisans as well as their families from poverty. Our favorites range from the Bird of Peace Bread Warmer Gourmet Gift Basket, with products from Nigeria, Israel, and Bangladesh, and also the Global Music Gourmet Gift Basket with products from three different continents!

Cost Range $24 – $48

3. Equal Exchange

Equal Exchange is really a worker-owned cooperative that’s been an innovator within the Fair-Trade movement for 3 decades – their mission would be to empower maqui berry farmers and consumers and to produce a more sustainable world. Their type of gift boxes has something for everybody, using their Fair Trade tea and hot cacao for their organic cashews – overall game person receiving this gift is going to be snacking for several days.

Cost Range $30 – $100

4. Really Adore Coffee

A lot of us drink coffee daily, without taking into consideration the maqui berry farmers who harvest the espresso beans. Just Love Coffee, their founders Take advantage of & Emily Webb wanted to generate a for-profit that put giving into the mission. Their products includes roasts from Asia, Central/South Usa, and Africa, all while supporting maqui berry farmers as well as their community ventures. They provide both one-some time and subscription options – provide the coffee enthusiast inside your existence this Fair-Trade, organic-certified option every month, and they’ll be forever grateful.

Cost Range $13.95 / 12 OZ

5. Women’s Bean Project

The Women’s Bean Project transmits gourmet gift baskets to individuals you like, all while giving employment to some lady in need of assistance. Like a true social enterprise, being conscious of sustainability for individuals and also the planet is fundamentally of the guiding concepts – they will use organic ingredients when available, and ladies are compensated fair wages to assist lift themselves from poverty. For savory and goodies, their handcrafted bundles are certain to bring a hot smile to anybody!

Cost Range $8 – $56

6. Numi

Ideal for the non-coffee drinker inside your existence, Numi Organic Tea offers a number of gift box and samplers that’s certain to start every day with calm and peace. Celebrate people, the earth, and pure tea using their number of options: Rooibos from Nigeria, Lavender Lemon from Egypt, and also the essential Breakfast Blend in the United kingdom. These organic, Fair-Trade, and non-GMO options could keep the pleasure from the gift lengthy after it’s received.

Cost Range $22 – $117

7. Alter Eco

Deep within the Peruvian Amazon . com by the Ecuadorian Coast, Alter Eco’s maqui berry farmers gather cacao beans from organic trees, which in turn visit Europe to become crafted into scrumptious truffles. Mixed along with organic coconut oil from Kerala, India, these truffles originate from all ends around the globe prior to being sent to you. For that friend who’s conscious of foodie, flavor, and also the planet, Alter Eco’s truffles are scrumptious, addictive, and are available in compostable packaging. The right gift to provide, all-in-one? We believe so.

Cost Range $8 – $168

8. Thrive Market

The good thing about Thrive Marketplace is that it is a perfect gift for literally anybody. A web-based market that sells organic and natural products at wholesale costs to people, Thrive Market offers memberships to low-earnings families free of charge – so that your giving goes two times as far! For that friend who are able to never appear to locate what they desire in their local supermarket, this membership may be the the best.

Cost Range Varies

9. Greyston Loaves of bread

Greyston Loaves of bread, a social enterprise, runs using the idea that everybody needs a second chance. They’ve a wide open hiring policy, and as a result, create the best brownies we’ve ever sampled. (Are you aware they’re even the brownies featured in Ben & Jerry’s frozen treats?) Their chocolate, sugar, and vanilla are Fair-Trade ingredients, they’re a b –Corp conscious of individuals and also the planet, and they’re a tight schedule-to gift for that dessert lover inside your existence. It normally won’t hire individuals to make brownies – they create brownies to employ people.

Cost Range $25 – $70

10. Natierra

Natierra believes in social progress and sustainable companies through organic and Fair-Trade practices – their Nature’s All Freeze-Dried line is perfect for the individual inside your existence who always eats their fruits and vegetables. Their freeze-dried mangos, bananas, and corn are the perfect size to have an mid-day pick-me-up or night time snack plus, there’s no added sugar or GMOs. Not into fruits? Additionally they sell superfoods like chia seeds and goji berries!

Cost Range $4.79 & up


Matches, cold brews, and chais: Perfect drinks for any cozy winter day, which holidays. REBBL creates these drinks, aptly entitled “elixirs” and “potions” using superherbs and organic, Fair-Trade ingredients. Plus, they provide to Not For Purchase, an offer to finish trafficking. Why else will we love them? They can incorporate a “Sourcing Map” online so that you can see wherever your drink originated from! Stay energized and engaged using their drinks, understanding the person receiving this gift is going to be feeling good and doing good too.

Cost Range Varies