10 of Norway’s Best Places

10 of Norway’s Best Places

We have been traveling around the world and we can tell, Norway is a place we can always return to. Certainly, not everyone likes sand herrings and meatballs, but who can say no to the amazing fjords and charming cities for a holiday? If this Scandinavian treasure is also on your radar, continue reading. We want to introduce you really shouldn’t skip the beautiful sights and experiences while there! As well as we highly recommend you reliable like ExpressVPN or NordVPN before going to a Norway trip.

1. Flamsbana railway, Sognefjord

We would not fib if we say it is one of the world’s most picturesque and breathtaking train journeys, and if you are a lover of panoramic nature, just don’t skip it!

Lonely Planet Traveler listed it as “The world’s best train ride” in their 2014 list of “The World’s most incredible train journeys 2014” Sounds compelling, okay?

It is the steepest standard gauge railway in Europe, which is 867 meters above sea level from Sognefjord in Flam up to Myrdal.

2. Northern Lights, Tromso

At least once in their lives, everyone deserves to witness the Northern Lights and Norway is the place to do so. Obviously, in Iceland, Canada, Greenland, New Zealand, or Russia, you can also try your luck, but if you happen to be in Norway, go to Tromso!

This charming city is situated in the so-called Northern Lights Oval area and has one of the best chances of seeing the Northern Lights.

It also has everything a traveler may need: excellent architecture, botanical gardens in the north, and a wealth of activities such as whale watching, dog sledding, fishing, and even golfing! This is a fantastic tour you may want to take Norway Northern Lights.

3. Lofoten Islands, Svolvaer

You can’t go wrong when you see the capital of the Lofoten Islands, Svolvaer. If you are looking for truly a special Norwegian experience and natural tourist attractions.

Don’t be fooled, while it’s just a small town of fewer than 5000 residents, it’s a true gem with many natural wonders, an abundance of culture, and lively existence.

The special nature of Lofoten, the surrounding islands, the peaks of mountains, or white sandy beaches make a perfect environment for fishing, kayaking, Northern lights, alpine climbing, orcas watching, and walking.

4. Hurtigruten coastal ferry, Crossing the Arctic Circle

The cruise from Hurtigruten from Bergen to Kirkenes is truly remarkable and although it normally takes approximately 6 days, many people understand that it is a journey of life.

The boat takes you through high rocky cliffs and spectacular waterfalls to coastal towns and small villages, which are hardly accessible on the route. Discovering the most popular fjords, crossing the Arctic Circle, visiting the Islands of Lofoten and Geirangerfjord. The luxurious ship offers fantastic food and service, well-appointed cabins, and the ideal opportunity to enjoy the wonderful midnight sun.

5. Snow Hotel, Kirkenes

If you want to gather special memories, it’s also a must to stay at a snow hotel. And this point is probably no better than in Kirkenes, a small Norwegian town, a few miles from the Russian border.

Every winter, snow and ice sculptors rebuild the exclusive hotel in Kirkenes. The rooms are made of ice and snow entirely and give you the most special and imaginable accommodation.

6. Geirangerfjord & Naeroyfjord, south-western Norway

There are around 1,000 fjords in Norway, but Geirangerfjord and Naeroyfjord could hit the top if you had to pick just a handful. The Unesco fjords in 2005 are two of the longest and deepest fjords in the world.

In all weather conditions, these fjords are fantastic, let alone sunny, snowy, windy, rainy, or snow-covered. It’s no wonder that Naeroyfjord inspired Arendelle, the magical kingdom of the Frozen film!

7. Bryggen Area, Bergen

The old Bergen wharf, Bryggen, was named one of the key attractions in Norway on the UNESCO World Heritage Sights in 1979. We’re going to go so far as to suggest this is Bergen’s most beautiful part.

The region was reconstructed to make sure that it had its original structure and architecture, even though it had been destroyed by fire over the years.

8. Oslo, Norway

When you plan to go to Norway, round Oslo on your map in red! Don’t just stop, take 2-3 days or more to enjoy the lively streets and rich culture of the capital.

It must deliver plenty of things to do and to see as Norway’s capital. During our visit to the Opera Hall, Frogner Park, and the popular Viking Ship Museum we propose to explore the must-visit. The trip to Oslo, without tasting the typical Norwegian cuisine, definitely is not complete. Take the time to visit the restaurant full of local food in Mathallen. The taste of the hot beef dog “pose,” and of the beef dog “farcical,” “lapskaus,” and much more is recommended.

9. Hiking, Preikestolen & Trolltunga

Walking is one of the easiest ways to experience western Norway’s dramatic landscapes. And to go on one you don’t even need to be a sportsman!

All here are: family-friendly, easy-to-use, harder, and highly challenging walking trails. If you are a beginner in a walk or a family traveler, the Sognefjord is an excellent foundation.

The beautiful spot in Preikestolen is a rare rocky cliff with a view of the Lysefjord.

10. Kayaking

Since you are an adventure enthusiast, think about cruising the fjords on kayaks! For this operation, Norway is said to be a top destination.

Just take a look at the sky and scenery “out of this world,” it’s certainly an unmissable activity.

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