10 best tips and ideas to plan a baby shower

A baby shower party is a lifetime event that will remain in my heart forever. So for this first pen down your ideas which will be the theme of the party and then choose the area where you want your dream to come true. And hire an event company so that they can fill in the details.

Since it is a personal but fashionable event, plan your and your hubby’s dress and color. The dress should be fashionable, trendy yet very comfortable. The footwear also should be trendy and relaxing as you both have to be on toes for 3 to 4 hours. The event company should be briefed about the guest list and their age, and there should be plenty of relaxing sitting areas at every corner. This sitting will also be used by you as you are walking around chatting and enjoying with the guest.

  1. Design a personalized invitation card for your guests. The best idea is a handmade invitation with a pencil and crayons. You can also go for premade baby shower invites if you want to save time and effort. Either way, choose a design that complements your party theme. Give details of events and games and tell them to be ready with a word of wishes.
  1. A personalized welcome banner will be a sweet welcome to your lovely guest, this will be loved by your guest. You can go for a handmade banner made of chart paper, watercolor, and colorful ribbons.
  1. Create a beautiful photo backdrop for memories, the backdrop should be bright in color Backdrop Event Drapes with full of flower balloons, and a photo frame hanging just to give the 3-dimensional feeling. Put some blank frames and tell your guest to write a welcome message for a baby on those frames. Later you can convert this into a memory book.
  1. Create a writing wall with a creative idea that your guest should write a message for soon-to-be mother. These write ups should be with dark color permanent markers.
  1. Decorate which and every corner with a different theme, like the bar area, will be decorated with lots of red color and chocolate. Snacks corner with yellow flowers, and multicolor rings.
  1. Do not go for a three-course meal for the party, instead, you can go on through multiple snacks, cookies, cakes, and dessert, and don’t forget to place ice cream, popcorn, and candy corner.
  1. Plan some fun games with guests and give a gift to the winner. Also, plan for them to say something about the party. Tell them to share memories of their childhood. The game list should be simple and known to everybody and this part of the event should have some talkative anchor. The talk and talk of the anchor will create an interest level among all.
  1. Hire professional video and still photographer. Tell them to do the candid shoot also. Professional people will cover this event in a filmy style and the music and edited output will be loved by all.
  1. The cake corner should be very creative. Request your pastry & cake chef to create a cake table with a come idea where every element is eatable. Tell him to list your ideas and finalize one which is according to your concept and also tell them to decorate the cake corner.
  1. Some nice music and the audio studio will do justice with the sound. They will take all audio hassles and you will enjoy the show with full Masti and dance. Plan a song list and instrumental music, and mark these according to the event. Sit with DJ and tell him the sequence of song and music.

Now that the party is over everybody enjoys and you get lots of love, wishes and caring tips, pay your warm regards to all for coming and give them a gift hamper. Return gift hamper should match your party theme as well as should have some personal touch.